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Benefits of Working With an Out-Of-Network Provider


We take a head to toe approach and assess the entire body, not just the part(s) that are ailing you. We use the idea of regional interdependence, or how different regions of the body relate to each other, to determine what is driving your pain or dysfunction.

Time For A History

We hear your story and take a detailed history. We take the time to understand the root of your problem in order to provide the best and most effective treatment. We develop a clear plan so you can continue to manage and treat your symptoms on your own.


We perform those specific movements or activities to see what progress has been made. This is extremely important to ensure we are taking the right steps towards meeting and exceeding your goals. Being 1-1 decreases the overall amount of sessions needed to meet your goals.

Question: Will You Bill My Insurance?

We do not submit bills to insurance company at this time and are a direct fee for service. This means there are no surprise bills at any point. We will provide you with a receipt that allows you to submit the claim to your insurance company. We are proud to work with Reimbursify, an app that allows you to submit your claims at no cost.  Most insurance companies will reimburse a certain percentage for Out-Of-Network physical therapy care. It is the patient’s responsibility to follow up regarding their insurance plans and benefits.


We focus both on your ailments and treating the dysfunction driving your pain. We treat the body as a whole, not just a complaint in isolation. This service is fundamental to ensuring long-term health and wellbeing. It is 1-1 care with a highly trained physical therapist the entire session, which means more time for hands-on treatment, including soft tissue massage, joint mobilization/manipulation, myofascial and active release techniques, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, and cupping.

Continued Care

We create an individualized treatment plan aimed at achieving the functional goals we set together. As those goals are met, we continue to reassess and plan as appropriate specifically designed for your long term goals.

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